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Purchasing real estate is a huge financial commitment. Using a realtor can save you from painful mistakes and wasted time. Erie Shores will help you with all the moving parts of brokering a real estate deal and ensure you are happy with your new property.

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Deciding to Buy

Before deciding to buy, calculate your current debts. Determine how much cash you have available for a down payment. Then decide on a budget for your purchase.

Steps to Take

Once you have determined your budget, contact a lender and take the steps to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Find an Agent

Look for an agent you communicate well with. An experienced realtor will prioritize your needs and will have up-to-date knowledge of the current market.

Deciding to Buy

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor, purchasing real estate can be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Let our agents help you along the way.

Why do you want to buy?

Looking to buy your first home? Tired of paying rent? Have you outgrown your current home? Maybe you need a closer commute or want to find a new business location. Having a clear list of why you want to move and what you need at your new location will help you find a property that is right for you.

Has your income grown?

Did you know real estate could be one of the least risky ways to receive a greater return on your investment? Whether you are looking to buy a new home or to find a rental property, our Agents can help guide you towards the right investment for your real estate goals.

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Find the House that Fits You!

The location and layout of your home can impact every aspect of your lifestyle.

From frustrating morning commutes to expensive monthly mortgage payments, it is time to let go of the stress of your current situation and let us help you find your perfect fit.

Steps to Take to Prepare

If you are committed to buying a home, you must start planning now. Here are some items to check off your list before you get started.
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Build Your Credit

Credit score ratings have a significant effect on your ability to obtain a mortgage loan. Your score will determine your price range, interest rates and mortgage loan terms as well. Assessing your current credit score can help you determine if you have a sufficient credit score needed to buy a home. You can then take steps to improve your credit score and increase your chances of obtaining the mortgage you want with terms you can afford.

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File Your Taxes

When applying for a mortgage, lenders look at your previous two years of filed tax returns to calculate income for a home loan. Even if your income may have recently increased, if the new income in not on your most recent tax return, it will not be considered.

A hand putting a hundred dollar bill in a savings jar for a house

Having a plan to put aside money for buying a home is essential. Whether you are putting down 20% or 5%, the cost and fees of buying a home can add up quickly. Being prepared can greatly ease stress when you are ready to buy your new home.

What our clients say

Personally, I love working with Tom and Matt Terella at Erie Shores Realty because they are very good people and exceptionally knowledgeable professionals. They have treated me like family coming into their employ and are always available for questions and to share a laugh as we work through our deals, whether simple or very complex. I believe this to all be part of the sense of integrity and strong work ethic which is part and parcel of the Erie Shores Realty philosophy every day and which is graciously extended to all its clients and customers.- Beth
Matt was our agent in purchasing our recent home. He went the “extra mile” for us, finding a property in the exact neighborhood we were interested in. He was always available, assisted in every way from getting us in to tour the home, to finding inspectors and contractors. He was prompt in returning calls and always available to help move the process along. It was a very easy and low stress experience thanks to Matt.- Sheppeck Family
Matt Terella is without a doubt the most delightful and trustworthy realtor I have ever worked with. He answers questions and concerns thoroughly while constantly looking for the right property for his clients. A home is easily one of the largest investments a person makes and Matt is the sort of realtor you want at your side when committing to a financial move like this. I can't say enough about him - he's one of the good guys.- Joy Dennis

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